Vow renewals

“Allow us to let you fall in love again”.

Over the years we have seen more and more couples  decide to renew their wedding vows, it could be a land mark anniversary, the couple may have experienced difficult times and in a mark of respect for each other they decide to re seal the marriage vows they had once made to each other.

Vow renewal ceremonies and celebrations are as per our wedding solutions and can be intimate affairs with the couple (maybe with their children too) or large parties with all family and friends flying out for the occasion.
Why not make the second time round a wonderfully unique and relaxed occasion, share your happiness in one of the most stunning locations Kefalonia has to offer.
Personal vows are tailor made for each Kefalonia Vow Renewal. In keeping with local tradition we will have your original wedding rings engraved with each others names in Greek and of course the date of this special occasion.