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Cephalonia (Kefalonia) makes an ideal destination for any event, as the largest of the Ionian Islands and one of the largest in Greece it is still relatively new to tourism and therefore most areas remain uncommercial. This uncommercial aspect teamed with a stunningly beautiful backdrop allows Cephalonia to cater for the more sophisticated style of holiday. Over a period of Hundreds of years Cephalonia has fused the cultures of western rule alongside Greek anti Ottoman settlers and provided its own unique and appealing culture.


Cepahalonia Concierge offer event solutions throughout Cephalonia concentrating on the most charismatic settings. In the south of the island you will find the most beautiful sandy coastlines, and visible from every angle is the awesome mount Ainos range, standing at over 1600 metres it provides a national park and a home for the almost extinct wild horses of Ainos.

Southside is also home to the bustling capital of Argostoli , stylishly restored following the earthquake of 1953 , Argostoli is the place to find a great selection of shops and boutiques . Many contemporary designer brands can be found alongside more traditional wares. In the balmy summer evenings the central square becomes a sanctuary for conversation and relaxation capitilising on the coffee culture. As the evening draws to night you will find locals and visitors reveling in the fine selection of restaurants and many modern bars and clubs.


As a culturally rich island one is never too far from a heritage site, 5 minutes drive heading to Fanari through Argostoli takes you to one of the most astonishing sites on the island; Katavothres. This is a rare geological phenomenon where seawater disappears into swallow holes and re emerges a couple of weeks later at Melissani lake on the other side of the island. Around the corner from Katavothres is St Theodores lighthouse a Doric style lighthouse an ideal place to view the sunset and a perfect photo opportunity. 10 minutes drive out of Argostoli will take you to Agios Georgios Castle; this medieval castle was the capital of Cephalonia from1504-1757. The elevated Castro village is a beautiful area to walk and take in the impressive views across to Zakynthos.


Heading north of the capital you will encounter a beautiful journey passing some of the most amazing views captured in Greece, with your final bated breath of the journey released as you encounter Myrtos beach. A half moon of cool turquoise waters teamed with a white coastline proves why this area, including the nearby Assos peninsula is the most photographed in the Ionian. Assos is en route to Fiscardo and is an idyllic tiny harbor which has retained much of its original character.


Fiscardo is the final stop on the journey north and really is something special; embodying sophistication and authentic charm it captures all imaginations. The harbor is the hub of the region and as one of the few villages to survive the earthquake its Venetian architecture remains virtually intact. During the day the incoming yachts provide colorful entertainment while visitors take advantage of the freshly caught fish best enjoyed at lunch time with a bottle of crisp local Robola wine. Evenings in Fiscardo are something to behold with the twinkling of lights along the promenade making the setting even more enchanting. Sipping cocktails is a must before enjoying fine dining or local cuisine.


Sami is an easy drive from the central and northern areas of the island. It is the largest port on Cephalonia and has a very Greek atmosphere where locals and tourists mingle in the harbor lined cafenions. It is Sami where you will find natural attractions such as Drogorati Caves and Melissani lake along with the beautiful almost lake like beach of Anti Samos.


As locals of Cephalonia we at Cephalonia Conceierge are very passionate about the island and we could dedicate our whole web site to its advantages. All of the areas mentioned and more provide amazing venues for any of our events. See Gallery for images and if you have any queries about the island or are interested in a specific region please don’t hesitate to Contact us.



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