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Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Kefalonia Wedding


Do I need a wedding planner to marry in Kefalonia?

No but it makes the process so much smoother and stress free especially if you choose a high end weddings service provider such as Cephalonia Concierge who are based on the island and have the finger on the pulse of local jurastictions.


How much will my Kefalonia  Wedding Cost?

How long is a piece of string? the legal cost set out in our legal section is the only pacakged cost standard to all couples, following that all of our Kefalonia Weddings are tailor made to suit any budget. We dont believe in Packaging the most important day of your life!


How Long must I be in Kefalonia before I can legally marry?

Officially 8 days however as a local based company we can make allowances for special circumstances...


Local based Kefalonia Wedding Planner or UK based Wedding planner (or whichever country you reside)?

Obviiously we are biased but the advantages of booking with your locally based Greek Wedding planner , Kefalonia Wedding planner outweigh booking with a planner based oitside of the island. Local knowledge, personal relationships with suppliers, on hand personally to assist to your every need, full European public Liability insurance and with Cephalonia Concierge we have ATOL bonding through our travel agent partners, ATOL benefits far outweight those of ABTA so please bear this in mind.


Will our Kefalonia Wedding be Greek style?


Any style you like, we have an abundance of different wedding venues and  decor to suit any theme, although given that we are in Greece, Grecian wedding is the most popular as is Sea/beach themed.


Will our wedding in Kefalonia be legal when we return?

Yes of course it will, we can translate your wedding certificate into the language of your country for you before you leave Kefalonia and then you will register your marriage as standard on return.


Can we use our own Photographer, or other suppliers?

Yes you can but we cannot gurantee the perfect standard of your wedding if we do not have a close working experience with the supploers used. We have worked with all of our suppliers for 4 years without change and offer you an unbeatable team when implementing a perfect Kefalonia wedding experience.


Can we contact previous couples for references and testimony to your Kefalonia Wedding service?

Yes we encourage this, we are so proud of our amazing and unique Greek Weddings that we can give you dozens of past couples contact details , we never duplicate another couples wedding though! also our press , tv and radio section pays hommage to our Greek Wedding services.


Will our wedding planner be present at our Kefalonia Wedding?

This question usually arises when our clients have had communications with other less repitable Greek wedding planners. With Cephalonia Concierge you will have the Wedding Director, and at least 2 assistants present on your day.


We want our wedding to be unique, how many weddings do you organise in one day?

1 !!!! yours...Cephalonia Concierge Weddings are tailor made and unique to each couple therefore more than 3 weddings per week means we cannot offer the standard. Our price reflects our service, lesser service oriented companies will organise weddings every day or even more than one on  a single day, we gurantee never to do this.



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